A Laughing Woodland Reunion

This is a little poem my friend Caren and I “hunted” together on a woodland walk. (Caren is a Poet, Adventurer and Creativity Coaxer – you can find her on Twitter: @InTheLighthouse). We created this poem literally during a woodland walk, by passing pen and paper back and forth between us and, one line at a time, capturing what we saw around us.


A Laughing Woodland Reunion

Our pilgrim feet are welcomed home

amongst feathers and leaves, birdsong.

Fairy doors and pots of gold

beneath the dancing saplings.

Ancient stumps hold stories

of exploration and form while

birds chant their glory.

Ferns unfurl in the wind’s essence.

There are bridges for the hidden folk

where the burn ripples along

lime but no lemons.

Fallen trees and benches make

a kaleidoscope of greens and browns.

Hearts and harmonies on paths

where wild flowers adorn wild places.

Trees with hearts and souls are

witnesses of times long ago.

Branches exhaling and relaxing

into amazing different things.

Can we stride without apology

amongst Holly trees lurking in the spring?

Raindrops retire on Beech leaves and

closed eyes smell coloured beauty.

We are overtaken on meandering walks

by waggy-tailed poem retrievers

beside an ancient oak

inspiring the sentinels of the future to grow strong.

The crow croaks out of sight

to spirit guides with golden crowns

skipping amongst bluebells.

Sleeping giants watch

our steady, irreverent progress

among moss covered roots.

The peace hangs in the spaces

between us and the muse.

The eerie questions that meet us

on secret paths to hidden places and

the realms that work within us.

Each step says “thank you”

as we soften and slow into their meaning.