Science: Nature Connection and Environmental Awareness

There is some promising evidence that connecting with nature is linked to more awareness of environmental issues:

  • Environmental values derive from a sense of connectivity with nature (Dutcher, D.D., Finley, J.C., Luloff, A.E., & Buttolph Johnson, J. (2007) Connectivity with Nature as a Measure of Environmental Values. Environment and Behavior, 39(4), 474 – 493).
  • Feeling connected with nature may make individuals more likely to care for the environment (Schultz, P.W. (2002) Inclusion with Nature: The Psychology of Human – Nature Relations. In Psychology of Sustainable Development, Schmuck, P, & Schultz, P.W. (eds)., Kluwer Academic Publishers, 61-78).
  • People who spend more time in nature tend to report more environmental concerns (Nisbet, E.K., Zelenski, J.M., & Murphy, S.A. (2008) The Nature Relatedness Scale: Linking Individuals’ Connection with Nature to Environmental Concern and Behavior. Environment and Behavior, 41(5), 715-740).